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Tilers near me

Tilers near you – this is about us. We believe in the good old saying, “East or west, home is best.” And that is why we’ve built Clay & Stone as a local tiling company focusing on residential and commercial customers in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Everything is easier at home.

Having said that, some of our most memorable and rewarding projects have taken us to the remote corners of the Scottish Highlands, where the natural beauty of the landscape provides a stunning backdrop for our work. These journeys, often a few hours' drive from our base, allow us to bring our expertise to areas that might otherwise lack access to specialized tiling services.

In truth, we like to travel, and we are more than willing to go the extra mile – quite literally – to meet new people and do projects worth doing.

Whether you are in Edinburgh or beyond, in a bustling urban centre or tranquil rural setting, please get in touch so that we can make your tiling dreams a reality.